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Petitioning Representative Paul Cook and 19 others

Require a Congressional Code of Ethics regarding debate, discussion and public messages.


This is not a partisan issue, it is a conduct issue for all Congressional members.

As citizens of the United States we have the right to expect our leaders to set the bar high on conduct and skills that demonstrate to our children, our nation, and the world that we can be passionate, articulate and strong about our ideas in a free productive democracy.

And that our government has the ability to resolve differences and accomplish our goals in a skillful and admirable manner without the use of divisive and inflammatory behavior such as name-calling, insulting, and bullying their colleagues and/or the public with whom they may disagree or want to gain support.

Of utmost importance is that our leaders demonstrate the ability to problem solve productively without creating an atmosphere of fear, hate, intolerance or violent intent among themselves and in our nation. 

With each signature here a copy of this petition will be sent to Congressional leaders in the Senate and the House, and with no preference to party affiliation.

With each signature a copy of this petition will be sent to congressional leaders in Senate and the House, and with no preference to party affiliation.

This petition is created for you by, We C.A.N. (Change America Now). A positive political action group on Facebook.

Letter to
Representative Paul Cook
Senator Dick Durbin
Senator Mitch McConnell
and 17 others
Senator Harry Reid
Senator Charles Schumer
Senator John Thune
Senator Lamar Alexander
Senator Patty Murray
Senator John Barrasso
Senator Mazie Hirono
Senator Jeff Flake
Representative Gary Miller
Representative Devin Nunes
Representative John Larson
Representative Tom Price
Representative Steny Hoyer
Representative Greg Walden
Representative James Clyburn
Representative Eric Cantor
Representative John Boehner
We the citizens of the United States have a right to expect our elected, paid, and unpaid representatives to adopt a Code of Ethics regarding debate, discussions, messages to the public and all actions regarding the business and issues that affect our government and all citizens of our country.

While you are often elected for your ideas, it should to be assumed that you have, or will quickly become educated on, the skills necessary to effectively represent, debate, discuss and implement these ideas in ways that model for of our citizens and instructs our children about passionate, thoughtful and civil discourse. As leaders of our nation you are responsible for setting the standard and tone of a peaceful and productive democracy.

It is our expectation that the leaders of our country will demonstrate the highest standards of productive problem solving. These expectations included the ability to disagree without personal attacks, slurs, name-calling, and by no means promoting hate or violence by any suggestion, direct or indirect instruction, or subtle implication.