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As you are seeing in the news all of the country, Wisconsin's bogus governor Walker is now breaking laws to enact his elitist agenda while scapegoating educators, EMTs, firefighters, public nurses and beyond for the will of the Koch brothers.

Be a part of democracy's history, recall Walker!  Live democracy everyday, advocate for your neighbors, friends, teachers and beyond!  We are the people and we will win!

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President of the United States
As if a scandalous, character-defaming smear campaign led by Scott Walker wasn't enough to further divide Wisconsin and stop Wisconsin's motto of "forward" progress from happening, now Walker has reneged on Wisconsin's promise towards a federally-granted, highly-competitive fund to create a high-speed rail line in Wisconsin. As we back out of the promise for high-speed rail, hundreds of jobs have already been lost in the process.

Wisconsin's voters want our representatives to stand up to Walker's Napoleon complex bullying!

Demand that Walker participate in democracy before taking divisive, executive actions against the will of the majority. Walker already took executive action before inauguration in a way that angered everyday Wisconsin citizens and cost our state hundreds of jobs. Walker's tyrannical behavior to benefit the few is not acceptable in our state or this democratic nation where the great majority are hard-working citizens surviving paycheck to paycheck.

As if the light-rail arrogance wasn't enough, now Walker is attempting a veritable coup of our state workers right to bargain for fair wages and benefits. As hard-working citizens of Wisconsin, we will not stand for a governor who attempts to take our basic rights away from us. Whether we are from a conservative perspective or progressive perspective we stand by the rights afforded to us by the state of Wisconsin. We stand by our state workers in upholding this basic human right to fair and equal labor rights which are being threatened by Walker's proposals.

Union-busting and short changing state workers of basic rights should not be considered a viable method of economic sustainability. If he won't work with us, as our public servants you must aid us in recalling this renegade tyrant before the damage is irreversible.

Many of us also depend on Medicaid and Badgercare programs to survive. Walker's anti-democracy bill is going against the democratic process by seizing control of these social programs into his own control.

As our elected representatives, you are are the voice of the people not the voice of elite highway-building CEOs or the Koch Brothers big boss, thug-kingdom. You are not the voice of the elite. You are the voice and protector for the rights of the people. Stop Walker's irresponsible and belligerent Big Boss mentality before it's too late.

Begin the process of recalling Governor Walker from what he views as his throne by mobilizing your constituents and utilizing the resources afforded to you as public servants to recall this irresponsible, tyrannical governor. If you want to be re-elected, help the voters recall Scott Walker before we regress any further.

The world will be watching Wisconsin's protests gain strength and vitality as the puppet Walker carries out the will of nationally-based GOP interest groups instead of the will of the people of Wisconsin. Prepping the National Guard irresponsibly AGAINST our teachers, firefighters, police, university students, city plow workers, state workers and other union workers should be further grounds for recall.

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