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Rape of people with disabilities in care must stop - it happened to me, please help

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I call him the monster. I refuse to speak his name after he raped and tormented me. He targeted me for my disability — I have cerebral palsy, and I and other residents of Yooralla were raped and sexually assaulted by a Yooralla care worker in our shared accommodation house.

My name is Jules. I use a wheelchair and need assistance with all of my personal care needs. It means I am very vulnerable when being cared for. The "monster" knew this. He sexually abused me in my own room, called me a slut and raped me on my bed.

It’s disgusting how common this is — I've heard of many other victims with disabilities who’ve been sexually assaulted by staff in care homes, reports of abuse going unheard. That’s why I’m petitioning for a Royal Commission into the Abuse of People with a Disability, to expose the extent of abuse and achieve important reforms.

At every opportunity the monster got when he was attending to my personal care requirements, such as showering me, taking me to the bathroom and lifting me into or out of bed in my hoist, he sexually abused me. He would cover my mouth so I could not call out for help on the occasions when other care workers were in the house.

Imagine how helpless, vulnerable and betrayed I and the monster's other victims felt having to endure such abuse on almost a daily basis, and now knowing that Yooralla management were warned by other care workers that his conduct was unacceptable, and all they did was move him from house to house.

I didn't ask for it. I didn't want it. I hate it. And I hate him for what he has done. He threatened to 'throw Lexby my pet cockatiel on the BBQ' and kill him and that he would kill me too, if I ever told anyone.

I don't trust care homes anymore. Yooralla knew about the monster for years before he raped me – there were complaints made by other staff and reports of misconduct at other houses, and effectively Yooralla management did nothing to protect me and his other victims that cannot speak as well as I can and even were more vulnerable than I am.

They failed us by allowing the “monster” to continue working unsupervised and alone with us. And they tried to silence me when I reported him. I'm fed up with these people who we rely on to protect us and for sweeping reports of abuse under the carpet to protect themselves and their own jobs.

We are just as important as any other victim of crime and the problems with this system of abuse in disability care must be heard. The system needs to be fixed and fixed now. No more reports, no more lack of action. It is time the government does something to fix it and protect us from violence and abuse.

I am using my voice to get a Royal Commission into the abuse of people like me with a disability in institutions. It is important now more than ever for me to speak out for future people who might be not able to speak or are too scared to speak out. It's a pretty horrendous thing to go through, and I feel very let down. Please sign my petition to support me.

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