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I am desperate for any and all support in protection of my children and respect of their safety and rights. 

I am a survivor of domestic violence and intimate partner rape. I was originally permitted to appear by skype to a custody trial with my former abuser. This provision was recently undone by a visiting retired Judge Johnson (Bar#43447) during an ex-parte hearing my former abuser used as a means to stall the release of his mental and criminal records as well as his own deposition.

In the same ex-parte hearing, the visiting judge also stripped me of the custody I have always had, awarded sole custody to my former abuser with whom my toddlers have no relationship, and had CPS open a case against me for "emotional abuse" based on my stay in Europe with my children.

My ex is currently on probation for an assortment of felony domestic violence and child abuse charges in addition to being classified as disabled for severe mental illness. Additionally, he suffers from chronic suicidal depressions with his many efforts to take his own life resulting in several stays at John Muir mental hospital. A ten year restraining order is in place to protect his ex wife and children by her from him. Among his charges are stalking, corporal injury, and

criminal threats;

he has threatened to kill my children as well as his others by his ex-wife. 

My youngest child by him is medically documented as the product of rape.

Because this has all been adjudicated to some degree (although much has been ignored), my toddlers will be initially placed into foster homes upon their father's assumption of custody. This is part of the court order. Sound crazy?

For the record I have zero criminal history, zero drug/alcohol history, zero child abuse/neglect history. I am being investigated by CPS for evading dangerous custody rulings... I thought CPS' job was to protect kids, not vindicate perceived insults to an overzealous judicial authority/network.

Yolo county has a history of tragedy in contested custody cases involving mental illness and domestic violence. Similar rulings in a case from this same court resulted in the recent death of a five year old child by her mentally ill abusive parent who won custody despite predictable dangers.

The Deputy DA (Tiffany Susz Bar#226665) appears to be biased toward my former abuser. This is troubling as She works under Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig's office which is notorious for aggressive and controversial prosecutions. (E.G. Domestic Violence Survivor Nan Hui Jo, and Ajay Dev who is serving 378 years for a crime many believe he is innocent of). In addition to placing my children in serious danger, these new rulings have created an opportunity for this DA to entrap me with charges of International Child Abduction - even though I have committed no such crime.

"Do whatever you have to do to get her here." are retired Judge Johnson's transcribed words to the DA. A DA who is transcribed referring to my children as "leverage" to force my unconditional compliance with a court that has failed to prioritize my children's health and safety.

My attorney asked this visiting Judge to recuse himself from my case; according to the laws, he should have obliged - but did not.

Immediately after the hearing, a protective warrant was issued to take my toddlers from me in Europe and deport them back to America where they'll be placed in "custody".

Immediately after issuing this erroneous warrant and opening an investigation; the DA, the CPS officer, and the attorney representing my ex all staggered vacation periods eliminating any possibility for my attorney to file an ex-parte before the next hearing.

But only after sending my attorney a letter refusing to release the mental records of my ex.

Please help me get my case in front of the Supreme court so that proper laws can be enforced and the misuse and collusion of powers can be looked at by someone who can protect my kids AND effect necessary changes in Yolo County, CA.

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This petition had 346 supporters

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