Declare Ram Sethu a National Heritage monument!

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Dear Sir,

As a citizen of India, I have been plagued with the insecurity of existence due to unfair treatment meted out to our heritage and monuments.

There is an absolute apathy when it comes to preventing the dilapidation and ruin of the monuments and there is an urgent necessity to acknowledge the greatness of our culture and no effort should be spared from resusticating it.  Countries like Greece, Iran, Turkey and Italy still take pride in conserving their heritage and culture despite having weaned away from their ancestral religions. While India has such a long-standing, active and existential religion, why is there so much apathy towards acknowledging the achievements of its ancestry?

The monuments at Hampi are disappearing at a regular rate, despite being declared a UNESCO Heritage site alongside numerous forts, palaces and temples that are culturally important.  If Ram Setu is not declared as a monument of national importance immediately, the existing cultural monument, however symbolic, would disappear in no time.

Lord Ram has been a cultural symbol since the days of yore.  Our constitution itself has been drafted on the basis of recreating a Ram Rajya, an Utopian model that accords equal rights to everyone. Should we not acknowledge Ram Sethu which has been revered from ancient days and declare it as a cultural and national landmark?  In fact, it is a connecting link to Sri Lanka, which has conserved the sites related to Ramayan, despite being a Buddhist nation.  Therefore, noting should stop India, a self-sufficient nation with a fairly large population that still adheres to a religion that follows Lord Ram as their role model, from owning up this landmark in its own soil.

I think that this is a matter of grave necessity.