Stop making corrupt Somali Politicians Rich

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Did you know that the US government is planning to send a billion dollars to Somalia (a country in East Africa)?

Why? According to a statement issued by the US Ambassador to Somalia, the money would be used for humanitarian assistance, expanding education and healthcare, building institutions, and creating jobs.

Now this would be great if the Somali Government actually used the money for developing their country. According to Transparency International, Somalia is ranked the most corrupt nation in the world, tied with North Korea. And according to a UN report, 70% of foreign aid received is unaccounted for.

In fact, the United States suspended food and fuel aid to this Somali Government in 2017 because they were unable to account for all the aid given.

Now ask yourself this, if we can’t trust this Somali Government to distribute food to its own people, then why should we trust that they would use our hard-earned tax dollars to better their county?

Not to mention this is the same government in Somalia that has rigged its nations election process and when their citizen questioned them the government had them arrested and even killed. When the UN questioned them, the government ousted the UN Ambassador from the country.

If you don’t want your tax dollars used to support a nation who can’t even be trusted with food, then sign this petition and let our President, and Congress know that we don’t trust this Somali Government with our money.