Dont penalize Child eligibility for SSI benefits for parents doing what's right & working!

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My son's disability SSI benefits were terminated after I got married to his Stepdad! Saying we as the two parents had to much earned income.

However, if my husband were to adopt my son, it would release the biology father from all financial responsibility. Because when adopting "you take on financial responsibility" 

So how does this even make sense! If step dad isnt financially responsible until adoption. How can the government use his income when calculating SSI benefits???

I was told he can reapply when hes 18. Cause parents income would not be a factor then. 

Disabled children should get their benefits regardless of income anyhow. At least a portion. Make a max and min. Not disqualification all together. I'm sure each family would be thankful for the help even if it was a minimal amount. At least it doesn't feel like they are saying our child needs arent important. And the struggle we have financially doesn't matter.

One of my sons medications is over 1500-2000 a month! This is more than I make a month.

Someone needs to make a change. These children shouldn't have to be penalized because we as parents want to set good examples and do the right thing by being honest and making a living to support our family's instead of lie to get around the system or not work to collect off the government!


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