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Acknowledge the Reality of Climate Change

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Our newly elected President, Donald J. Trump, has said throughout his campaign that climate change is a hoax and that he will defund environmental research departments in the government such as the EPA, as well as pull out of the Paris Accord, which sets limits on greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Mr. Trump also plans on doing away with Obama's "Clean Power Plan," which has aimed toward making renewable energy the standard for cities and industries, and the federal rule limiting methane emission near waterways and wetlands. Regardless of your political views, I believe climate change is something we as a people (not just liberals or conservatives) should unite behind as being a very real threat to the well-being of our planet. By signing this petition, you are adding your voice to the movement of preserving our planet and its resources. This is not an issue of left wing versus right wing, if we don't act now the effects of climate change will be entirely irreversible and there will be no habitable planet for our future liberals and conservatives (and third parties) to live on.


In short, the goal of this petition is to:

1. Have President Trump acknowledge the reality of Climate Change.

...even the lowest consensus reached in a survey taken in 2014 by active climate scientists had 91% agreeing it was occurring, with other surveys nearing 100%

2. Have President Trump and his committee continue the Funding of the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as other government-based environmental study groups which help look into and institute new forms of "clean energy."


3. Not have President Trump re-negotiate the U.S.'s role in the Paris Accord.

Thank you in advance for your signature, you are now a part of the solution.


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