With a God so forgiving, why is mandatory life sentencing so against redemption?

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Leonard Hoskins should be a free man!! A telephone conversation isn't worth a life! He didn't pick up a phone and threaten anyone's life, he didn't pick up a phone and conspire to take anyone's life, but instead Its alleged that he was on the phone talking about something that we're all too familiar with, DRUGS!

Are drugs bad? Yes. Should people be punished for possessing or dealing drugs illegally? Yes, BUT do we put a man behind a fence, and then behind a wall where drug abuse still exists, drug dealing still exists, and where unfortunately murder and violence both exist as well? Did I forget to mention for the REST OF HIS LIFE? I think not!!  Leonard Hoskins never killed anyone, in fact never hurt anyone to my knowledge, besides the Federal Court, US attorneys, and maybe Judge Young's feelings for failure to cooperate! Somehow I thought it was a right to remain silent, I thought when being placed under arrest that citizens are warned anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. Maybe I'm wrong! Maybe it's just me that believes that two men, both equal in Gods eyes, committing the same crimes with equal backgrounds should be sentenced the same. Not one paid and let back out to sell more drugs and the other tossed around the US from prison to prison to rot. This is still America right? Yet this type of stuff goes on everyday across America, so my question is, just what is the judicial system promoting? 

This is just an educated guess but you probably think Mr. Hoskins didn't take responsibility for the alleged crime committed, and you probably feel that failure to cooperate in the Federal Courts should equal harsher sentencing. I think different! I think he did accept his responsibility. He did it by doing his time the right way, not causing trouble and furthering his education, and also bettering himself mentally and spiritually. I think this man being free of violence and trouble deserves to have his sentence commuted.

Life is tough, but it's even more tough serving it in the Federal Prison system. It's been almost 10 years since Leonard's incarceration. God has forgiven him, why can't the judicial system? This man taught me how to be a good father, and better yet showed me by example. Please give Mr. Hoskins another chance to do right by society, please! I promise that he will have a job waiting on him upon release, and I put my name on it that he will do more good to society than bad! Are any of us perfect? No, but I promise this man will never utter the word drugs again, unless it's encouraging our youth to refrain from using or dealing drugs. How do I know? Because they still have phones in prison, so I talk to him, and he encourages me and many others from the inside! Rehabilitation has taken effect, now give Leonard Hoskins the opportunity to come out and demonstrate just that. Picture the lives that would change!

 I urge you to forgive this man just as you ask God to forgive yourself! It's only right! 

Thank you!





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