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President Obama and FBI: Arrest Ingrid Newkirk and have PETA shut down

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For over 30 years People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has labeled itself as an animal rights group, with their leader Ingrid Newkirk, which now has over 2 million members. However, unknowingly to the public is a few dirty little secrets, pit bull genocide, domestic terrorism, sexism, pet euthanasia, and hypocrisy.

What people really don't know about PETA is that if they got their way, not only would they ban meat, milk, eggs, honey, leather, or fur. There would also be no more silk, wool, down feathers, fishing, circuses that use any kind of animals even domesticated, horse back riding, live animal shows, aquariums, zoos *even if they're AZA approved*, hunting, service animals for disabled people, even pets. They are also against the use of experimenting on animals to help save human and other animal lives but their ex senior VP Mary Beth Sweetland uses insulin that was tested on animals to stay alive. Another side to PETA people don't know is that is that PETA is the US' most dangerous domestic terrorist organization. In 2001 they were given this label by the FBI and again in 2009 by the USDA. There's even data revealed that they endorse and hve ties to the ALF and the ELF, both groups are serious terrorist threats to the US. Also, thanks to asking PETA a question they have confirmed they support the Breed Specific Legislation because they feel that all pit bull owners will make their dogs fight. Want proof? Their answer to my question on BSL support was, "We hope that our support of such laws will stop people from bringing more of these animals into the world to be hurt and exploited." However, according to and Nathan Winogrand PETA's real dirty secret is that they kill almost every animal they rescue. In 2009 and 2011 they had a 97% kill rate of hundreds of perfectly healthy dogs and cats. They claim that the reason why they do this is because they don't have enough money, but according to Charity Navigator only 1% of their 33 million dollars actually goes to helping animals while the rest goes to sexist ads and protests, it's no surprise that they only have one star. In most of their advertisements they do they often have women pose naked, or doing these sexual acts in order to try and have people follow them. But most of their ads go way too far in promoting violence agaisnt women such as their BWVAKTBOOM advertisement that was banned from TV, and multiple times they have tried to air a superbowl ad but often get rejected. More recently they have launched a porn site to try and help animals, but that just exploits women more than actually helping animals, and ironically Newkirk considers herself a feminist. In 2005 they were even charged with over 62 accounts of animal cruelty according to various news reports, and have been found guilty in taking part of fumbling with the Florida government to legally steal cats from the Caboodle ranch recently. Despite the fact that it was a sanctuary for cats and the founder had put so much effort into nursing the sick ones back to health. Newkirk herself has even admitted openly to killing dozens of animals every day when she worked as a rescue volunteer, and felt that the reason why she had to kill them was to prevent them from being abused. To my knowledge that makes no sense. Currently they have plagiarized various video games to try and spread messages about animal cruelty, but these games are often inaccurate.With many outraged video game fans calling nintendo PETA now has a possible lawsuit on their tail. However, we as people want something more, so we want PETA to be dissolved and instead encourage people to support reliable animal welfare groups and wild life conservation. These are charities that have a majority of their support taken away from them because PETA winds up drawing more attention by not saying we're actually going to help these animals, instead they just protest and use ads that draw people's attention. We would also appreciate that Ingrid Newkirk is put in jail for life for her support to these crimes.

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