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President Barack Obama: Restore Prayer In Schools

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We, The People Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, have a dire need to restore prayer back in schools as a basic right regardless of denomonation of religion. This country was founded on freedom of  speech prayer is freedom of speech. When prayer was allowed in schools we had less problems with our children . Those who do not wish to participate do not need to , it should be free will , as freedom of choice and freedom as a basic right but should be allowed. Restore sanity back to our country for the good of all. We should not allow evil to prevail.. As Christians we should be willing to fight for what is right to up hold the the Blood Stain Banner. Jesus died that we all maybe  Saved  from sin, Shed his Blood for all who wish to receive him. The least  we all can do is fight for his message to Prevail around the World .Let Us Pray!  WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES  OF AMERICA  BY THE ENFORCEMENT OF THIS  PETITION  DO HEREBY  PETITION THAT  BY AMEDMENT LEGISLATION  BE  WRITING AND IMPLEMENTED  BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  AND  PASSED BY  CONGRESS, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE AND THEN  BY  THE SENATE AMEND THE CONSTITUTION, MAKING   IT  CONSTTUTIONAL, TO  RESTORE AND  MAKE LAWFUL TO  PROVIDE FOR  PRAYER TO BE ALLOWED BACK IN SCHOOLS AND PROVIDE PROVISIONS FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN PRAYER IN SCHOOL BE EXCUSED FROM PARTICIPATING AS THEY  MAY  SO  CHOOSE . AMEN.   

Prayer is essential to children well being, it is food for thought to know that there is a saviour in whom one can rest a shore of having that spritual guide and shoulder to lean on in time of trouble is riveting and should not  be denied as an outreach to children anytime anywhere  . Lets have the prayer as a sacred sacrafice available anytime anywhere. The Catholic  have it in thier schools why should our children be denied at least the availability of having  as a practice as they may wish. What is wrong with having a choice as a basic right prayer in school? How is giving one a choice unconstitutional.\? That should not be so. We remember what having that devotion every Monday morninig all children gathering in one big auditorium after the weekend singing hymns of praises and always prayer. And on to the classroom the teacher would lead off in a hymn wher we all sing together joyously, we had prayer and each student recited a bible verse every morning before getting into the studies for the day. Every Friday before adjoining for the weekend each class room participated in vocational singing of hymns and prayer together. As it is said " Together we stand  divided we fall."  The burden of prayer should not be limited to the Church  it must be allowed every where. Now is The Time And The Hour. Let Us Prayer!   

Everyone's support in signing this Human Rights Petition for prayer in schools will make it happen Remember The Power is in The People To Make The Right Thing Happen For Our Country The United States Of America.  A Gift From God!   

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