Improve and Properly fund the South Australian Housing Trust.

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Dear reader, I am a 16-year-old South Australian who lives in a South Australian Housing Trust House with my Mum.

The State Government says they want to upgrade all SAHT homes built before 1968 by 2030. They still need to upgrade those built between 1968 and 1990 because they are becoming outdated and need upgrading.

The State Government are not building enough new homes and are continuing to Privatise SAHT, which has been happening since the late 1990's/Early-mid 2000s.

The State Government has given management of many properties to Social Housing organisations that I am worried promise many things and do not deliver.

SAHT need to be the face once again, right now people get mixed up with SAHT, Housing SA and other Government agencies.

Here is my 10 point plan for a better South Australian Housing Trust, There are others, however, these are the main ones:

1. SAHT to be reinstated in full and abolish the South Australian Housing Authority.

2. All new and current Housing Trust Homes to stay publicly owned, maintained and upgraded. The Federal Government should also contribute funding.

3. Build at least 1000 homes each year for the next 5-10 years and don't sell them off.

4. Cap rent at a fair rate.

5. Substantially Upgrade all Housing Trust homes built before 1985 with new insulation, Kitchens, and Bathrooms, and, fixing structural damage like Concrete Cancer. Upgrade or replace homes built between the start of SAHT in 1936 and 1985.

6. Install Solar panels and batteries on as many Housing Trust houses as possible, including on all new houses.

7. Make all new SAHT Homes accessible for those who have Special Needs.

8. End the maintenance backlog and reduce the waiting lists by building more houses. Low and Middle-income people should be able to rent with SAHT.

9. Better support for Tenants, especially those with Special Needs, Older Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence, young persons and those who are very disadvantaged.

10. Increase Federal Government funding for Public Housing by directing Rent assistance mainly to SAHT and Public Housing, not mostly to Social Housing.

South Australians should be able to be proud of Public Housing and how it helps many lower-income families, pensioners, singles, young adults, those with special needs etc. Right now they cannot be proud, the system is rigged and needs fixing.

There are major Economic Advantages to making sure Everyone has a Home.

Thank You for reading this please sign to get politicians on all sides to support a better South Australian Housing Trust.