Stop reservation system in education. Bring equality & a caste free society in India.

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Brothers and sisters of India,

We Indians are known for unity. Then why do we need reservation in our country?

Yes! We needed it once upon a time when there was so much of inequality in the society.

Great legend B.R.Ambedkar also wanted to have this reservation system just for a few years.

But its not the time now......

There must be equality. People want a clean society. We want our country to be developed. And that is possible through intellect. Please don't suppress the talented individuals with reservation system.

One who get 40% and 90% are equally placed? Does that make any sense?

Don't you think we need a change?

Do u agree if a child who secures 35 marks is awarded the first ranker badge and the one who scored 98% is left behind.

It makes sense right?

And I bet even the ones who have reservation will support this.

Yes because they are talented enough. They do not need any more reservation. They are educated they are wealthy. 

Support is to be given to the economically backward people and not based on caste. 

Please dear brothers and sisters of all the castes. Ban this reservation system.

Join your hands to build a develeloped India.

Jai hind.