#BringHerBack to the EU!

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Lyudmyla Kozlovska is in danger in Ukraine and needs your help!

Human rights activist Lyudmyla Kozlovska has been expelled from the EU by the authoritarian Polish government just because her husband, Bartek, dared to oppose the ruling Law & Justice (PiS) party with a critical Facebook post - as was openly admitted by former foreign minister Waszczykowski, who initiated the persecution. 

She is now forced to stay in Kiev, in reach of post-Soviet dictators whom she has spent her life opposing. Being an outspoken critic of the Kremlin, with her Open Dialogue Foundation having defended human rights in Kazakhstan, Moldova and other authoritarian states for 10 years now, every day she spends there poses a risk to her life.

Thank you for your support! Please share this petition and help Lyudmyla get back home to her family and to safety! 

Let's #BringHerBack together!

- Signatories and activists behind the #BringHerBack campaign

Lech Wałęsa
2 years ago