Petition For PA To Re-Open Investigation on Missing Pregnant Mother, Amanda Jones

Petition For PA To Re-Open Investigation on Missing Pregnant Mother, Amanda Jones

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In The Summer Of 2005:

In Hillsboro, Missouri, A 9 Month Pregnant Woman, Disappeared from the Hillsboro Civic Center Fairgrounds. She went there to meet the Father of her Unborn Baby, to see if he would be interested in being a part of his child's life.

Amanda Jones met Bryan Westfall at a Company Party. The two had an evening together and went on about their lives until, Amanda finds out she is pregnant. She then informs Bryan Westfall who at first denies the child. Throughout the pregnancy, Amanda made a few attempts to contact Westfall in regards to the unborn child. It wasn't until August, when Amanda was almost ready to deliver, that Bryan called her out of the blue and said that he wanted to talk about the baby. That was the last time Amanda's Family & Daughter, got to see her.

Amanda has not been seen or heard from since that dreadful day in 2005. Her Family has not been given any answers as well as been able to rely on any kind of help from their local PA or Sheriff's Department. The day the Sheriff's Office contacted Bryan Westfall about Amanda's disappearance, He immediately retained a lawyer. Along with his long-time girlfriend, Stephanie Votrain, who, at the time, was never a suspect in the case, or, wanted for questioning!

As of Just the end of this year in December, 2018, The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department admitted during an interview with News Channel 5, (That video you can see in the Updates to this petition), that they ONLY searched Bryan Westfalls Property ONE TIME AND IT WAS A LIMITED SEARCH LED BY MR. WESTFALL AND HIS ATTORNEY!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

This Guy has OVER 600 ACRES OF LAND... And when have you really ever seen a search being done on someone's property that is so limited??? HELLO, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A MISSING PERSON HERE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SITUATION? The Sheriff's Department also said in the interview that, "They do not have a warrant to search westfalls property." THEN GET ONE! NOT ONE OF THEM HAVE EVEN SUBMITTED AN AFFIDAVIT TO A JUDGE TO OBTAIN A WARRANT!!!! This is absurd! Is this really what citizens of this county have to deal with? Especially the parents of this missing woman? Amanda's Father served this fine Country we live in, is this how we Thank Him? By not even offering a hand of help or just a answer to SOMETHING??

Still to this day, the Sheriff's Department says that they still have some questions for Westfall, who, still has the same attorney 13 years later, But, has made no effort to bring him in for questioning. The amount of Circumstantial Evidence on the Case, as well as, enough eye-witnesses to the character of Bryan Westfall, his family, and his long-time girlfriend, Stephanie Votrain, is enough to prove a Pre-Meditated Murder but, neither the Sheriff's Office nor PA will do anything to pursue this case.

When Amanda's family calls their Sheriff's Office to get answers on their daughters disappearance, The Sheriff's Department either doesn't answer, calls back and tells them their is no new information on the case, or simply, don't return the phone call at all. They have also told the family that they should have some "compassion for them." Yet, Not once, have they offered "compassion" to this Family. Not only that but, How can they even dare to ask the Family of a Missing Pregnant Woman to have compassion for them?

This is a 13 year old case that has gone cold for no reason,and the community is outraged and wants Justice To Be Served as well as the same for her Family. 13 Years a Suspect has never given answers, has never been arrested, but, gets to sleep every night in a warm bed.

Please Help Us By Signing This Petition, So, We Can Present This To The Prosecuting Attorney, As Well As, Sheriff's Department, To Re-Open & Investigate The Case On Amanda Jones, And Get Some Answers For Her Family!

You can Find Videos on Crime Watch Daily on Amanda Jones as well as stories on and many other news-stations as well as news articles in local media.

We also have a Go Fund Me page open for the family. This is to help them with any Fees that might help in finding out information on their daughter. The link to that is also posted on a Update to this Petition.

We ask for any help we can get to help this family find their daughter. We ask for any lawyer/attorney/civil rights activist, anyone, who can maybe help us or guide us in the direction of someone that could be of assistance to us or this case. You truly will never know what it would mean to this family, as well as this community.

Thank You For Any And All Help Because It Is Well Appreciated!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!