Period Products should be free for School Girls in Pakistan #MakePeriodsFree #MakeItFree

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On this Month of January 2016: We have pledged this petition to the UN and world and most importantly political leaderships of the world to support this cause and make period products free for the school girls and for women who can't afford periods hygiene products to save their lives and give them confidence that periods are completely normal thing and they don't need to pay for being a woman.

  1. Our first mission is to make period products (sanitary napkins) free for all the Schoolgirls (at least) in the underprivileged countries like Pakistan.
  2. Second motive is to make Period Products Free around the globe.

Kindly spread awareness by using our Hashtags - #MakePeriodsFree #MakeItFree #PeriodsFree - The reason of using 'MakeItFree' is that we can't take periods name in public of Pakistan as it goes against custom and cultural values of the Muslim country which we absolutely understand and we just want to change scenario for poor girls and to end the periods poverty.

Period Products (Sanitary Napkins) should be free for School Girls in Pakistan

Pakistan is described as among the world’s worst performing countries in education especially in girl children education. Over 3 million girls are out of school in Pakistan and when they ask a girl child father why she is out of school? Her father says whether I educate her or feed her?, as 6.8 to 7.6 million families are living in poverty, anyone can understand that how uneducated young girl can afford to buy sanitary napkins in Pakistan as 8 percent girls have right to participate in own health care decisions so If a girl child father is making choice to choose between education and food for her so How he would pay 20 sanitary napkins for her in Rs.400/= (Prices were updated in 2017).

In Pakistan Girls are not only paying the government extra taxes to have periods as a way of buying feminine hygiene products but also the cost of Period products are extremely high.

Schoolgirls have no access to earn extra income in Pakistan than how they are supposed to buy seven sanitary napkins packs for 150 to 240 Pakistani Rupees. And that's a significant reason during periods, many girls skip their schools.

In Pakistan, Girls are forced to shut their mouth for even asking a sanitary product openly at shops and that's why shopkeepers charge the cost of their choice and this is another reason that the cost of sanitary napkins are unaffordable and not the same across Pakistan.

Schoolgirls have no enough money to buy feminine hygiene products and thereby most of schoolgirls in Pakistan don’t even have an idea about the feminine hygiene and if they will not maintain cleanliness and hygiene and than not only does it impact their health but also can cause of certain diseases like UTIs or yeast infections, which can be prevent easily by making period products free of cost.

Talking about menstrual hygiene is like a sin in Pakistan that’s why Teachers unwilling to discuss menstrual hygiene. Schoolgirls feel discomfort while changing, cleaning & drying of reusable menstrual clothes as they are unable to afford conventional sanitary pads.

Thus we request UN and Governments of the World and especially Pakistan Government to make period products including sanitary napkins FREE for schoolgirls and underprivileged women so we can improve their health as only cutting down the taxes won’t play a vital role to bring change in the health of a girl.