Ban all wet market across the globe specially China

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As we all know due to this latest COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus  current situation is very devastating all around the world. Studies have shown that this kind of virus are zoonotic origin that is they have their origins from animals living in the wild (specially bats) which are sold in the Wet Markets of China and other parts in South Asia. They are highly contagious and attack our respiratory system.

Earlier too during the outbreak of SARS (SARS-CoV) in nov 2002 this quickly spread to around 17 countries and killing more than 700 people. Studies show that this virus has its origin from a horseshoe bat and from there it came into human body just like current covid19 virus. After the outbreak of SARS virus in 2002-03 China put a ban on these wet markets but it was eventually called off and this markets start functioning as usual. 

This Coronavirus family has around 6 virus out of which 3 have occurred- SARS MERS and COVID19 now if again we don't put the ban on these wet markets there are chances that other member virus of this family may cause and outbreak in near future and world will again see another pandemic due to this eating habits of people.

Ban these wet markets permanently so that world don't face another pandemic situation due to these virus family.