Insulin cap for Arizona

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As a Type 1 diabetic of 14 years, I know first hand how expensive insulin and diabetes supplies can get. Currently, one vial of insulin costs approximately $500 and most diabetics are prescribed and NEED more than just one type of insulin along with other medical expenses such as blood sugar meters, dietary needs, doctor visits, syringes and more. Even with insurance, we are often forced to switch insulin’s not because it works better for us but because it’s all that the insurance will cover. If we cap the out of pocket insulin cost for a 30 day supply, we will help save diabetics lives! Not only would it save thousands of dollars but it would allow us the opportunity to purchase other medical supplies that we might not have been able to buy now due to the costs. Remember, this is an autoimmune disease and is linked to others so chances are, most diabetics have another illness they too, have to finance. This disease was not chosen, it was given. Why penalize us with outrageous medical costs for something we did not choose? Let’s put an end to this game of price markup and lets join together to support our community! Let’s bring affordable healthcare to Arizona by starting with capping a 30 day supply of insulin at $100! Be strong. Be healthy. Be you.