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Abolish the Statute of Limitation for Sexual Assault in Nevada.

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I was 23 years-old when my modeling agency called me with what I thought was going to be my big break: Bill Cosby had seen my work and wanted to meet me to discuss auditioning for acting roles.

I remember feeling dizzy after I accepted two drinks from him but I chalked it up to the fact that I’d never really drank alcohol before. I remember feeling uncomfortable when he told me to sit between his legs and awkward when he started stroking my hair. Then the room started to feel warm, the lights went fuzzy, and the next thing I remember is waking up at home with no idea how I’d gotten there.

Last November, 26 years after that night, I saw Janice Dickinson on television telling her story about Mr. Cosby and realized that what happened to me was  frighteningly similar -- that was the day I realized I was one of Bill Cosby's victims. 

I don’t know what happened that night after I blacked out. It’s sickening to even imagine it. But even if I was sure Mr. Cosby sexually assaulted me, I wouldn’t be able to press charges because the statute of limitations in Nevada requires any assault be reported within four years in order for it to be prosecuted.

That’s why I started a petition asking the Nevada state legislature completely abolish the statute of limitations for cases of rape and sexual assault.

I'm not coming forward because I want to press charges or file a lawsuit against Mr. Cosby. I'm telling my story because, as I’ve struggled to come to terms with what happened to me 26 years ago, I've been shocked to realize how many roadblocks there are for sexual assault victims who want to file police reports and press charges against the person who assaulted them.

For many survivors, it’s already incredibly difficult to come forward -- whether it is shame over what happened, a fear that no one will believe them, or the very real danger of reporting someone who is still in a position to hurt them. Coming to terms with being assaulted -- or simply feeling safe enough to report -- can take years, but laws like the one in Nevada make it impossible for many victims to seek justice.

Eight other states have already abolished their statutes of limitations for rape and sexual assault cases. Ohio and Indiana are both considering following suit this legislative session. I’m confident that if enough people sign my petition, we can convince legislators to stand with survivors and give them their chance at a day in court.

It’s too late for me but it doesn’t have to be too late for someone else. Please sign my petition to ask the Nevada Legislature to abolish the statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault.

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