Equal adoption eligibility for Italian same-sex couples, equal rights for their children.

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Italian law does not recognise equal parenting rights and responsibilities to same-sex couples.

Same-sex couples and individuals are not eligible to apply for adoption.

Children whose parents are currently in a same-sex relationship have unequal treatment and their non-biological parents are not recognised by the law. These children will then be very vulnerable if their biological parents become sick, get divorced or die. In some cases children that had been adopted in the UK had no parents at all before the law until a judge made a decision.

Italian same-sex couples living abroad (and, in particular, in the UK) are often denied a platform in public debate; yet they are particularly vulnerable and their freedom of movement, even within the EU, is impaired as many of them

  • left Italy to find a safer place to adopt children and to raise them;
  • are non-biological parents in same-sex relationships, not legally recognised as parents. Their children cannot easily go back to Italy even for short holidays, and when they do they face high risk in case any of their parents die;
  • became parents while in the UK, without being British citizens. Brexit could force them to leave the UK and will put their children at huge risk, even when their children are British citizens.

This restriction of mobility rights also extends to non-Italian partners of Italian LGB people, and to non-Italian children of Italian parents. Think of what would happen to a UK citizen who adopted a British child jointly with an Italian citizen living in the UK, for instance, and have to leave the country due to possible effects of Brexit.

This is irrational and unjust.

We thus ask the Italian Parliament to promptly introduce:

  • eligibility to adopt for same-sex couples;
  • clear and enforceable rights for children of same-sex couples;
  • recognition of parenthood for non-biological step-parents in same-sex relationships;
  • recognition of parenthood for non-biological parents of surrogate-born children.

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