Ontario Landlord and Tenant laws should change to protect small landlord's basic rights!

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Vote to change Ontario Landlord and Tenant laws and provincial government legislation to better protect the most basic financial rights and financial security of thousands of Ontario independent landlords from problem renters who fail to pay the rent, refuse to be evicted, cause extensive damages, or otherwise create assorted problems for their landlords.

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen, more than ever, how government officials constantly put more burden on housing providers (real estate investor’ and ‘Landlords’ in Canada) with unrealistic and biased rental regulations and tighter rules on rental property financing.

Even at time of crisis, and national pandemics, housing providers “Landlords" in Canada have been left with no financial or legal support. They are even expected to assume full financial responsibility for their Tenants and their Mortgage / loan payments plus all other carrying costs associated with owning their properties (Such as; Property tax, Insurance, Utilities, On going Repairs and Maintenance)

Given the fact that 50 per cent of rental properties in Canada are owned by independent investors.(CMHC survey ), its about time that government officials change the current unrealistic and biased tenant and landlord laws and provide more reasonable and collaborative laws on rental property’s ownership , Management and financing.

If all the independent real estate investors and landlords choose to pull out their rental properties from the market and choose to do their real estate investments in more landlord friendly markets with more rational and cooperative rental laws and financing options, Canadian government and Canadians would have a rental crisis that would ripple from the streets of every city all the way to the halls of Parliament." Says; Author of eight books, real estate investor, researcher, philanthropist and educator Don R. Campbell .

If you are an independent landlord, Rental property owner or/and  Real estate investor in Ontario, and believe that Ontario landlord and tenant laws have always been biased to only protect tenants rights, please sign this petition to request the much needed change on Ontario landlord and tenant act.

Please take note of these major issues that need to be addressed and revised on the Ontario landlord and tenant act and government housing regulation, please feel free to add to the following list by leaving comments

1.       Late/None Rent Payments

Evictions for nonpayment of rent in Ontario should not be a very lengthy and costly process for landlords. The process currently takes months. Landlords not only have to pay for filing fees for Application, but also need to pay for all the carrying costs and mortgage payments while waiting to get their Eviction claim approved while the tenant stays in the property rent free. Even then it takes months to actually be able to evict the tenant.

2.       Eviction rules

Ontario Eviction rules totally overlook and violate the basic rights of the landlords as legal owners of properties. Currently even If the landlord wants to use the unit for themselves (or for their family) they must give the tenant the equivalent of one month’s rent or offering of another unit. Even if the landlord gives the tenant written notice, they don't have to move out. The landlord must first get an order to end the tenancy from the Landlord and Tenant Board – this usually includes a hearing which makes a very lengthy process.

3.       Property Damage and Repairs

Landlords should be legally able to require tenants to pay a damage deposit, to  cover the expensive repair costs that tenants are liable for. Currently When tenants damage the rental property, the landlord has to go through a long, uncertain and costly process of applying to the LTB to have a hearing scheduled for an order to either evict the tenant, or to make them pay the costs for repairing.  As a result of this lengthy process majority of the time landlord fail to collect any money from their long gone tenants and end up paying out of pocket for all the repairs costs.

4.       Renewing a lease / Fixed term lease

The end of the fixed leased term should mean the tenant has to move out unless otherwise agreed on. Currently If a new agreement is not reached, the tenant still has the right to stay as a monthly, weekly tenant. This is totally disregarding the basic rights of landlords as legal owners of their properties.

5.       Rent Payment

Landlords should be legally able to require tenants to pay rent by either Post-dated cheques and automatic payments, just like is required to make Pre-authorized payments, for car purchases, insurance premiums, phone bills, and even gym memberships.

6.       Rent increase limits

The rent increase guidelines should be in par with inflation rate and ever-increasing carrying costs associated with owning rental properties (Such as; Property tax, Insurance, Utilities, On going Repairs and Maintenance)

7.       Pets and Smoking

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) does not address matters relating to pets and smoking. A landlord should be able to legally evict a tenant because they have a pet in violation of a “no pets” or “No Smoking” clause in the rental agreement. Smoking and pets can seriously damage the property or infringes on the rights of other tenants and the owners and raise serious health issues.

8-  please feel free to add to this list on the comment section

we should all unite and sign this petition and ask for the most needed correction of Ontario Landlord and Tenant laws and provincial government rental housing regulations. Lets protect our basic rights as landlords, and property owners who have been providing shelters and accommodations to our fellow citizens who would have otherwise faced with a very serious rental crisis.

Lets have our voice heard….

Thank you all and good luck to all of us…