To speak up for female students in University of Nigeria Nsukka who are sexually assaulted

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University of Nigeria, Nsukka happens to be one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria, a pioneer of higher learning with diverse historical heritage and global attention of some sort. Having said that, there is an evil ongoing in the university and it seems the Vice Chancellor and the entire board are up in their game to back this evil with everything they’ve got. 

Previously, there have been cases of suicide and in fact, a wave of it which involved numerous students including a lecture and the question remains “what is wrong with UNN?” Something is truly breeding this evil and we may not be privileged to know what it is. Far from depression, many female students are also going through a tough time of abuse with nothing much to be done about it. They are cowed into silence each time they make a move to seek justice and they are forced to accept this evil and live with it.

We know of one evil by name, an evil that walks on two legs and is under the heavy protection of the school making it almost impossible to be dealt with. This evil has a name and his name is Mr Charles Chukwudozie Ndukaife popularly known as “Akionu” and “Member”. He is a lecturer in the department of School of General Studies, Humanities unit in the faculty of School of General Studies with an area of specialization in African Philosophy.

Akionu is a supposed intelligent lecturer who is said to have contributed his wealth of knowledge to this great citadel of learning but Akionu is either mentally deranged or under heavy spiritual manipulation or diabolism which can only be dealt with behind bars and strict therapy. If we truly want to fight the evil going on around the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, it begins with bringing Akionu to book and creating a system that gives students the freedom and protection to report sexual abuse and other mishandlings.


Akionu is popular for groping female students, making lewd comments, sexually objectifying them and threatening them in the case that they protest it! He seems unstable and isn’t supposed to be roaming the vicinity of UNN freely. It is a general experience that he always threaten women with “you will do nothing, don’t you know I am a member?” 

When reported to the school authorities, the reports are always brushed off with unseriousness and Akionu have lasted in this school for so many years while going ahead with his discomforting acts towards female students. Checking up a thread on Nairaland as far back as 2013 reveals how Akionu enters ladies hostels, grab ladies breasts and butts. This same report has remained prevalent till date and it has been said that no one in University of Nigeria Nsukka has the power to deal with him. Some have also reported near rape experiences with him and all other forms of abuse.

Do we need to allow this to continue? Why is the Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Nsukka keeping quiet? Why does it seem nothing can be done to this man including subjecting him to therapy?

This is an indictment on the school board and we are calling on all well meaning humans who have the concern of these female students at heart to join voice in calling for the immediate sack of Mr Charles Chukwudozie Ndukaife "Akionu", his arrest and subjection to therapy.