Stop building roads and railways through forested areas holding tigers.

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> Road and railway projects through forests holding endangered species such as tigers are being proposed and executed at an alarming rate. For instance, the enormous road project taken up through the famous tiger-rich Tadoba, Maharashtra, which has been slammed by conservationists and scientists. Another example is the proposal for the elevated highway 212 through Bandipur National Park. Efforts against this project are ongoing.
> India already has a widespread and sufficient network of roads and railways spanning the country.
> Financial greed should not be the only motive backing such "development" projects.
> Besides ecotourism, deforestation and loss of species eventually has not just ecological, but huge financial impacts as well.
> Mitigation measures should be undertaken for all existing roads and railways. It is shocking to know that money is rarely ever set aside for the same. Moreover, numerous rails and roads in the country do not follow guidelines laid down for animal welfare.

> Development projects through forested regions should not be undertaken. With all the deforestation that has been done, more is not sustainable.
> 2000 tigers for 1.4 billion people is still shameful. Tiger conservation - poaching, habitat destruction, loss of prey - should be of concern to every department in the government.
> Sanctity of all forms of life should be preserved. The government has a duty to all.
> Mitigation measures should be undertaken for all existing roads and railways. Over/underpasses should be built. Speed limits enforced strictly. Conservation experts should oversee mitigation measures.
> Money being spent on the "development projects" must be spent for mitigation measures and for improving existing roads/railways.