Let’s help the animals at zoos, let them feel the world outside cages.

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During the pandemic and resulting lockdowns we might have learned the values of freedom. It’s high time that we help the poor animals who are caged for life, set free. 
When we have sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and biosphere reserves in our country , when we can conserve and preserve wildlife in their own habitat why do we need to cage them ? Ask yourself. 

Will try to express some related facts 

* WildLife Protection : well Zoos and parks are supposed to provide high quality health and food to the animals. But it is hardly the fact . Nearly 250 animals reportedly died at the National Zoological Park, also known as the Delhi zoo, in a span of 14 months till June, making its mortality rate “more than exorbitant.

ref : Indian Express News https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/delhi-zoo-records-245-animal-deaths-in-14-months-report-5839808/lite/

* Economy : According to the National zoological park (GOI) the total revenue gained by the zoological parks are ~₹1300lakhs with 30 lakhs visitors meanwhile the expense on such parks were reported  ~4000lakhs (2016-17)

ref: http://nzpnewdelhi.gov.in/index1.aspx?lsid=31&lev=2&lid=30&langid=1


FAQs ?

1. Does zoo and pets the same ? 

No , A domesticated animal is one that, through thousands of generations of breeding, has become dependent on humans for their survival mean while a zoo is a place where wildlife are brought to be displayed to the public . it’s proven that a tamed animal will still have there wild heritage.

2. It’s a place of education for the children 

No, if you are that in humane and want to educate your children that animals are supposed to be caged, zoo is a best place or you could take your child on a national park tour where your child could experience the might of the wild animals in there own habitat . And more over when we have technologies to show and educate , our children about animals . Why do we need to sacrifice lives of wild animals for a reason of education ?

3. Zoo is a part of Economy 

yes, unfortunately it is . But there can be alternative entertainments at the same place . Rather than watching those caged animals . We can have scientific areas , holograms , which attract youngsters . Thereby retaining the jobs and the economy . We all have memories back from school days visiting zoos , excited . But I guess we should now grand the animals A hope for creating there own memories , other than of the caged life and pestering photographers. 

4. Only way of protection of endangered species  

It’s a wrong perception . Our tiger was once endangered, that’s when our government started the project tiger mission (1973) which drastically increased the tiger population (it was not zoos that kept them it was national parks ), there are many such examples , project elephants , rhino etc . But it should also be noted that there is always better to have zoological parks to nourish and help injured or poached animals , for scientific researches for the good of the animals , genome projects , or other sustainable activities . But still that doesn’t justify animals to be caged and publicly displayed 

5. After years of confinement the zoo animals won’t survive in the wild 

well , as I mentioned in the 1st query , even if the wild animals are tamed , they retain their wild heritage . Ofcourse it will be suppressed but they will survive very much fine.