California East Bay needs Lower Rent!

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Using this petition, we hope to be able to encourage lawmakers to lower rent in California East Bay. We, as citizens do not have the power to create laws but we want to exercise our first amendment rights to make a change in our community. We see the struggle the residents of the California East Bay go through daily to be able to pay the unaffordable rent to provide a home for their families. We also observe the effects of high rent prices in our communities through the increasing amount of homeless people in our streets. In this petition we want to see a change in our communities, allowing families to be able to afford rent while receiving a minimum salary. Our goal is to lower the rent prices in the East Bay by a significant number through subsidizing more affordable housing and creating stricter rent control laws. This change will allow us to have access to affordable rent and the tranquility of knowing there are laws in place that prevent landlords from raising the rent prices too high.