Modern Day Family Law Reform

Modern Day Family Law Reform

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PLEASE NOTE: The following guidelines are based on the average circumstance governing divorce and out-of-wedlock child births. As in all cases, there shall be special EXCEPTIONS made on a case-by-case basis.

In order to prevent the high number of:

  • Parents committing suicide. 
  • Children committing suicide. 
  • Parents becoming homeless. 
  • Runaway children. 
  • Drug Addicted Children.
  • Children turning to gangs and crime.
  • Parents and children suffering from Parental Alienation. (A condition by which the noncustodial parent is kept from the child and the child is manipulated to believe that they have been abandoned.)

Due to the unconstitutional and corrupt Family Court System...


1: Stop Title IV-D Funding to all States Immediately. The financial incentive for the Family Courts to collect child support have PROVEN to corrupt legislation and DESTROY lives. (Title IV-D is our Social Security funds which every taxpayer contributes toward.)

2: Immediately cease granting sole custody to one parent if and when; both parents are equally capable of raising the child with 50/50 custody. (Currently, children are awarded to the mother as the custodial parent 85% time)

*Studies have revealed that when children have access to both parents equally, they are far more likely to develop into happier and healthier adults.

3: When 50/50 custody is granted, there shall be no child support paid by either parent, except that when given willingly or in times of emergency.

4: Where 50/50 custody is not possible, or not mutually agreed upon, child support rules shall follow:

  • Noncustodial parent will pay 12% of their NET INCOME in all states. (Currently child support awards are calculated at 20-30% of GROSS income (for one child) and given to the custodial parent as TAX-FREE income)
  • Child support will Increase 3% per additional child.
  • Child support payments will be reduced by 1% per 48 hours/visitation.
  • The ABSOLUTE limit to be paid is $1,200/month for 1-2 children and $2000/month for 3+ children, regardless of income.

The cost to raise a child, if split between two parents, equates to no more than $570/month -middle class family living in a non-rural area- according to the USDA's exaggerated projections. Rural areas equate to $450/month. Both figures include "healthcare costs"

4a: Military members and Veterans; Basic Allowance for Housing, Disability Compensation and Education Benefits; shall NOT be included as income.

4b: Child Support money from the Non-custodial parent will be placed into a special account and there will be issued a "Child Support Debit Card."

The card may ONLY be used to purchase the basic needs of the child, such as; food, fuel, children's clothing, utility bills (not including cable) and medical expenses. For those who argue, a portion of rent must be paid for as well, need to consider that both parents must be able to house the child and therefore, each parent should be solely responsible for their own rent costs.

  • The debit card will be linked to an online account which can be accessed and monitored by the non-custodial parent so that he or she may ensure the integrity of all expenditures.

4c: Either parent refusing to take custody, or denying custody at the allotted time period; may request a hearing to rectify the conflict.

  • Denying custody rights, shall be punishable by a fine of $250.00 for each offense.
  • Refusal to take custody for non-medical, non-military or non-emergency purposes, for any period greater than 30 days; may result in a custody shift and a child support order using the above calculations.

 5: Child support collection shall be treated as every other form of civil debt and NEVER punishable by jail, or (any) license suspension or denied visitation.

Men or women, who simply refuse to pay, will destroy their own credit, their relationship with their child and ultimately fall victim to their own guilt.

When laws are fair and child support calculations are feasible, there is no reason for a man, or woman, not to pay.

6: The statute of limitations on placing a child support order upon a man who had no prior knowledge of the child is 12 months from the time of the child's birth. THERE IS NO REASON TO NOT INFORM A MAN THAT HE IS A FATHER!

  • Any mother who purposefully withholds that she is pregnant and is caught "sandbagging" a child for future income and retroactive child support is a clear perpetrator of fraud and should be investigated to the fullest extent.
  • Fathers who willingly dodge responsibility, after becoming aware of the child anytime within the 12 months and who do not wish for 50/50 custody shall be ordered to pay child support using the above calculations.

7: Child support orders become altered (as shown below) upon the occurrence of remarriage by the custodial parent. Marriage is a legally binding contract wherein, the new partner -not biologically related to the child- has agreed to mutual responsibility for all fiduciary matters, legal matters, child matters and household matters. Visitation/custody for the opposing parent does not change, unless done so willingly.

  • When the custodial parent is remarried and the combined income of the custodial parent and new spouse meet or exceed an amount which sufficiently cares for the child(ren) then the non-custodials child support payments are paid into a TRUST fund for the child(ren).
  • The TRUST fund can be accessed by the child at the age of 18 and used as they see fit.
  • Where child support is paid for multiple children, the child support amount shall divided into multiple TRUST funds equally.

8: A man, who is not married to the mother, has the right to legally abort his parental rights within the first 9 months of pregnancy, or within 9 months of gaining knowledge of the child.

This may seem cold and callous, but the truth is, when the financial incentive to have babies is REMOVED from women, the rate at which such women become irresponsibly pregnant will decline drastically.

EQUAL RIGHTS = EQUAL RIGHTS: Women have the right to contraception, morning-after pill, abortion, adoption or legal abandonment of the child, and thus so shall a man. Consent to sex is not consent to parenting. Biology is not destiny.

9: Custodial parents, who move the child out-of-state, must pay for travel of the child to the non-custodial's residence and may not collect child support during which time the child is residing with Non-custodial parent when it exceeds 30 days.

10: False accusations against either parent, by either parent, shall be considered a criminal offense punishable by law. Perjury runs rampant in family courts, and is encouraged by lawyers. If lawyers are found guilty of promoting any misrepresentation of the facts, they shall be disbarred.

However, if the reform actions outlined in this petition come into effect, there will be little need for lawyers in Family Court. 

We the people, demand that these changes become implemented immediately and that all agents of the Family Court, Child Support Agencies, Divisions of Health and the like; are made accountable for all the damages that have been caused by the current corrupt and unjust system.

The above rules have the TRUE "best interest of the child" in mind and will help to prevent a very large percentage of pregnancies because the financial incentive to have babies will become nonexistent.

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19,817 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!