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Reform Child Support and Friend of the court

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Child support/ friend of the court system across the board across the country. This is to make things equal and even straight across the board for everyone. 

1. Both parents need to work full time jobs in order to support the child(ren)

2. If either parent quit their job they should be required to obtain another job in 30 days

3. If the parent cancels court date or appointment they are responsible for a reschedule fee after the 2nd cancellation

4. If a parent claims that they cannot work they will be required to provide proof as to why. At that point they will need to file for the type of disability that fits their situation. This will show the courts that the parent is still able to financially support their child(ren)

5. If at any point the custodial parent becomes homeless or cannot provide a stable home the non-custodial parent is to take the child(ren) as long as their homestead is date and stable. Even if only temporary.

6. Both parents will be required to provide medical, dental, and optical if the job offers it. if not that is the only time it is acceptable to have the state coverage.

7. At the time of a child support hearing, if there is no proof that the non-custodial parent is unfit or unable to partake in the assistance in raising and supporting that child(ren) the system will automatically deem that there will be split physical and joint legal custody with no child support required. If the parent decides to move out of the area, they would be required a 30 day notice, at that point they will be a visitation schedule and child support amount will be issued.

I feel these things are things that should be changed with the child support system. Child support and friend of the court are supposed to be used to be what is best for the child(ren). I have yet to see that work in favor of the child(ren)

We need to change what is wrong with the system! Let the parents be the parents and raise their child(ren). Just because the home is broken doesn't mean that the child(ren) need to be.

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