Joan and Lynn want a Green Card for Europe #EUGreenCard

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We are two individuals, one from the UK and the other from the EU, campaigning for a Green card so we can work and live freely between the two states. Here's our story.

Joan's story

My name is Joan (John in English) – I am an EU citizen in the UK, a nurse and an award-winning NHS change-maker working to improve care for patients across the UK. I am also the father of three beautiful children. I feel scared about what will happen to my family and to me when Britain leaves the EU. I am worried about my kids’ education and our access to healthcare. I feel insecure about my long term rights to stay in Britain. I don’t want to be a second class citizen.

The British government’s offer of settled status “deal or no deal” (unilateral guarantees) is a step in the right direction but it is not enough by itself.

That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe.”

An #EUGreenCard would give me:

-  physical proof of my settled status as an EU citizen in the UK

-  guarantees of all my rights as an EU citizen in the UK

-  permanent right to return to the UK

-  backing of the EU

-  peace of mind


Lynn’s story

My name is Lynn and I’m a British national living in the EU. I’m a journalist and a translator and I don’t want to lose my right to freedom of movement. I also have a disabled step son who is very well looked after by the Spanish authorities. I am concerned about our access to care post Brexit. I don’t want to apply for Spanish citizenship which would mean giving up my UK passport and rights if my step son and I ever return to the UK.

That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe.

An #EUGreenCard would give me:

 - physical proof of my status as a Spanish resident

-  free movement rights within the EU

-  right to equal treatment

-  recognition of my qualifications

-  ability to retain my UK citizenship

Help Joan and Lynn get what they need to sustain their livelihoods post Brexit.

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