Reduce food waste! Get rid of unnecessary "Best Before Dates"!

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Best Before ...” is something we are all used to seeing on most of the food we consume daily. These dates are mandatory throughout the European Union. The problem with these dates, also called BBD (Best Before Date) or DMD (Date of Minimum Durability) is that they are frequently confused with “Use by” or "consume by" dates which are only mandatory for perishable products, like meats. 

BBD Best Before dates, is the date until which “the food retains its specific properties when properly stored”. In other terms, after this date, the food product can start losing its color, or its vitamin content etc... Which doesn’t mean it becomes unsafe to consume!

These dates are confusing to the consumer, by letting them think the product is no longer good once the date has passed. This confusion creates massive food waste. In Europe, more than 170 kilos of food per person are thrown away every year! In reality, dry products such as rice, pasta, lentils, flour etc... can stay good for years. On the mean time, 25000 people starve to death each day. 

To get rid of this psychological barrier, we ask the European Union to revise its Regulation and to stop the obligation of indicating DMDs on dry products that don’t contain dairy or meats. Why not just indicate the production date to let consumers decide if they wish to eat their food or not?

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