Stop All Forms of Bullfighting in Spain

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We want to stop All Bullfighting in Spain. It is a horrific act and needs to be stopped. The country of Spain is already divided over this. Let’s help stop the barbaric events and lock them in the past.

You've all heard of Bullfighting, but do you really know what happens?

Did you know that when with other cattle, bulls aren't nearly as aggressive? They are weakened with drugs and abused, before they even enter the ring. Then they are stabbed with lances into their back and neck muscles to impair their ability to lift their heads and defend themselves. This results in significant blood loss. Then they try to sever the bulls aorta with a sword. If they miss, succeeding only in further mutilating them, they exchange the sword with a dagger and try to cut the spinal cord. The bull is then dragged out of the arena, the ears and sometimes tail are sometimes cut off after as trophies. And this all happens in front of a paying crowd!!

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