Stop The Ongoing Witch-Hunt Of Street Dogs In Koramangala (By Dog-Hating Cynophobics)

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Cynophobic (Dog-hating folk) in Koramangala, Bengaluru are ganging up to try and "relocate" the street dogs after having threatened to poison them. This needs your urgent attention and involvement. These dogs are innocent, harmless, and have as much right to live and breathe as any human being. 

I am a resident of Koramangala 6th Block, Bengaluru since 2019. Prior to this, I've stayed in 1st block, 5th block, and ST Bed Layout, Koramangala since 2011, and for the last ten years, I've never had any trouble with the street dogs of Koramangala. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I took some dogs into my home, and started feeding some of them regularly on the streets - and a few kind souls in the neighborhood started doing the same, because their regular food sources (Meat shops, Biryani outlets, etc) had been closed for a very long time. In the process, I - someone who has never kept a dog in their life prior to 2019, not only became attached to the dogs, but started caring for them as a parent. I was lucky enough to be aided by some kindred spirits along the way such as Mrs Prema Prasad, involved with the Cartman Animal Trust, who helped me and many others like me get the dogs vaccinated, report the ones that were hurt in street accidents and to get them basic care.

All of this has not gone down with a group of people in the same locality who are by definition, cynophobic. Cynophobia is an irrational fear of dogs and is a recognized medical condition. They have issues with the dogs merely walking around and living and breathing the same air as them, and in an outrageous move, they have launched an "internal petition" that accuses these dogs of being dangerous, and goes on to accuse these dogs of laughably inaccurate crimes, extending to bag-snatching too. If given an opportunity, they would probably accuse the dogs of the Kennedy assassination. Nevertheless, Mrs Prasad and I and a few others are concerned because this is the same group of people that has, on and off threatened to poison or "euthanize" the dogs from time to time, and their latest step seems directed at "relocating" the dogs, another fancy term for picking them up and hurting them.

These dogs are not just harmless and innocent. 

To many like me in Koramangala, they are FAMILY. 

And more than that, they are creatures of this planet with the same right to breathe and roam free as any other citizen and no human being has the right to relocate them without THEIR consent. This area is home to them, and the presence of Cartman Animal Hospital ensures that none of the dogs are at rabies risk. All of them are vaccinated, and neutered periodically by the Cartman Association. Unbeknownst to the cynophobics of the city, a lot of people here who actually care for the dogs, put money out of their own pockets to give food on a daily basis, to provide basic care to these dogs whenever needed. And none of us have ever been hurt by the dogs.

The people signing the "relocation" petition are people who encourage their children to torture these dogs during Diwali, the people who fail to impart basic human/civic lessons to their own children and teach them to be afraid of dogs. 

It is my request to the recipient of this petition, Smt Maneka Gandhi, and to everyone reading this petition or signing it, to become an active voice of change in the process and help in taking formal action against those who are trying to torture these innocent souls.

They deserve to live free, just like you and me. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is by definition, a racist, a bigot, and a coward.