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Make animal abuse a felony!!

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I am heartsick about animal neglect, abuse and murder in the United States.  I remember seeing the photos of the dog that had it's mouth taped shut because she barked.  Every year some idiot thinks it would be funny to place firecrackers in a dog's mouth.  Horses are so malnourished that they cannot stand.  I am sick of the pictures of dogs being chained in backyards without adequate food or shelter, especially in winter.  These things can all be found on social media, posted by owners who seem proud of their actions.  That is why I propose stricter laws for these abusers and the start of a national animal abuser registry.  I realize that pets are seen as property, but these are beautiful, living, breathing and FEELING creatures that were entrusted to us by God to provide for, protect and defend.  Humanity has abused that trust time and time again with numerous species.  To those that truly love their pets, they are more than just pets, they are family.  What decent person subjects his/her family to intentional neglect that can result in death.  We need to make these cases of neglect, abuse and murder more consequential than a fine or misdemeanor charge.  That's why I propose in abuse and neglect cases that results in the animal's death, whether it be due to injury, malnutrition or torture or euthanasia because the animal cannot be saved, there should be a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and a $5000 fine.  In cases where the animal can be saved and rehabilitated, there should be a 2 year sentence and a $2000 fine and 300 hours of community service.  First offenses for simple abuses, can be subject to a 1 year sentence and $1500 fine and 300 hours of community service.  No matter what the sentence, all animal abusers should register on a national offenders registry so that they can never own or care for an animal again.  It is my belief that people who abuse animals will eventually move on to harming humans as they have demonstrated a careless disregard of life. They do not belong in civilized society, and their offenses should be treated as the serious criminal acts they are.  Join me in this fight to treat those who would set fire to a cat, just for fun, to a life behind bars.  If they would do this to a defenseless animal, what would they do to an equally defenseless person. Thank you  


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