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Establish a law against ALL kill animal shelters

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Every year in the United States, 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in kill animal shelters. At an estimate, 2.7 million adoptable dogs or cats that are euthanized are in healthy condition. A dog or cat is euthanized approximately every 11 seconds, and many of these animals are put down due to a limited amount of space. As well some of the animals we see in our local shelters are only kept for as little as 3-5 days. We need to fight back to make a change against what I myself believe is not right and should not be legal. These animals are euthanized due to few reasons such as too many expenses, age, and people not spaying and neutering their pets which leads to worse causes in most cases. I would like to change having animal kill shelters, which is a problem because of how big of an animal population there is. Albert Einstein says "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." I believe that this is true in so many ways, and shows how we need to take action. We are killing off pets like they are just some thing. Animals are just like us, and they can almost accomplish everything a human can do. We are committing the same events as the past including the Holocaust to animals each and every day, due to many kill shelters destroying living beings. Death is never the option because animals have rights and emotions just like us. It's not just to kill an animal for any reason including when it can not find a home, because some animals have not been given the chance and others aren't given long enough. Imagine being timed to be put out of existence and not getting the right to be free to live in this world. There is absolutely no reason for these animals to be put through this. The animals who are kept at animal shelters for a short time may be having their permanent owner coming the day they're euthanized, and would never know it. This happens because it's the way it's always been. This has became the new normal to us in society, and not enough are putting a stand against stopping it. This is abusive and violent with some shelters I've looked upon have a rate of 99% kill rate which has no excuses at all except, for wanting to kill. We're not giving some animals the life they deserve, due to what can be changed. While we have an overpopulation in some places, others are at a shortage up in the North. We can find ways to transport these animals more frequently. Cats and dogs are both comforting and supporting in many ways to people, so why hurt them when they don't deserve to be hurt physically and emotionally? They are not given the chance to be saved. When over 2-3 million dogs and cats are being euthanized you should know in your heart it is time to make a change. There is absolutely no reason for this to be happening and so many will agree with me that it is time to get rid of this once and for all and not just talk about why it's so bad. I made this petition because not many think about the consequences of having litters of dogs and cats out of nowhere, and not getting your animal(s) spayed or neutered. Animal breeders also play a huge impact on the overpopulation of animals. As well as stopping this issue, because there is no reason for it so why keep something when it can be changed. There is been proven to be a benefit to all ages of owning a companion. It gives and shows children about responsibility along with educating children. Pets help the elderly if they have lost a family, friend, or anyone close to them. Along with the motivating role of animals which may help older people in providing good vibe to others. We can come to a solution by only allowing each animal adopted to have one litter and knowing where to place these animals by making a law. This doesn't only solve one issue, but a few. We can work together by taking steps at it together. If you do not wish for your animal  to have any kittens or puppies your animal has to be spayed or neutered. We need to work together to find a way to know how to know when one has a litter. Even as there are stray cats running around, this will bring a significant change. This may seem like a lot of animals still, but the average cat can have up to three litters every year, and the average dog can have up to two litters every year. Animal shelters say they are in need of volunteers which helps in many ways, but that doesn't stop what happens in animal kill shelters. In some states, shelter and organization trucks spay or neuter at no cost which brings a great amount of people out and helps so many. We can provide more of these across all of the states. An animal should only be put to rest at animal kill shelters if the animal is suffering from sickness or illness.  Fundraisers and events help in finding these animals good homes, while other animals come in to the shelter. This makes a difference to not only the animals lives that are being saved, but a difference to people as well. Help support these animals as some suffer through knowing this every day, and take a stand against what some aren't even fully aware of.

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