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Labeling Harmful Pesticides and GMOs

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      A couple of years ago, Monsanto's scientists did a study on rats that were fed GMO food, and the rats had no problems whatsoever. Later on, different scientists did a two-year study on the same type of rats, and this time 90% of the rats that were fed GMO-products grew tumors (cancer) within 4-6 months. Same type of food, same type of rats. Monsanto is poisoning our food and they know it.

 Some time ago, individual states tried to make a law where GMO’s on the market HAVE to be labeled. 13 states tried. None have succeeded. None have succeeded because Monsanto threatened to sue the state for millions of dollars. If Monsanto sued the state, they would soon be more powerful than the states. Soon, they would be more powerful than the president himself.

I say that we all come together to label GMOs and harmful pesticides and raise awareness about them. Pesticides are killing our children. The FDA has already granted Monsanto permission to put more Roundup in our foods than it takes to cause cancer! Now, Monsanto and Bayer have planned to merge. That would make the biggest and most dangerous merge in more than a year. We've got pesticides in our home. We've got pesticides in our food. Now we've got pesticides in our medicines? I say we stop this. As Rachael Carson once said, pesticides are biocides.  

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