Stricter laws and definitions of animal abuse in South Carolina.

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Yet another attempt to implement more strict animal abuse laws in South Carolina (LONG overdue). To provide definitive definitions of animal abuse and all possible variations thereof and requirement of law enforcement agencies to implement and enforce these laws. There was a petition like this one a few years ago and didn't gain the steam it deserved. I intend to see this through. We need BIG numbers or nothing will happen. Therefore, this petition must make the rounds (shared) to be seen and signed. While it might sound a bit harsh, the truth is that this responsibility falls on you. Only you can make this a reality.

Amendment: Some have informed me that they are hesitant to sign this because it's not specific enough. Let me clarify. This petition is the first step of many. Do I have new laws ready to go? No. I will need to raise money to cover attorney's fees to write proposed laws. We aren't there yet. Right now, I need to know how many people are interested in seeing our State Laws regarding animal cruelty improved upon. There are variations of abuse from kicking a dog to drowning one in a bath tub. Shooting a cat with a BB Gun to hanging them from a tree limb, upside-down. What can the public legally do if they see a dog in distress in a hot car? Right now, not much. And, of course, animal hoarding. There is much to discover. This petition is the springboard to address these scenarios, and more, and define PROPER punishment for those found guilty of committing said acts. 

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