Universal Daycare across Canada

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In 2020, a long-term universal daycare plan has still not yet been put in place across Canada.

It has been over 50 years since universal childcare was suggested by the Royal Commission on the Status of Women. Yet here we are in 2020, already paying on average $1000 a month to provide coverage for our children, which is hard to get by and always less than desirable. 

It’s a huge financial burden on families, particularly those with low income families or single parents. While some are eligible for subsidized care and a small $10-a-day child care plan, for many it is not only the cost of child care that is an issue, but also the lack of space.

Limited availability means families have to choose between their children or their careers. So it is vital that spaces are available for all families so their children can get the proper and high-quality care they need and deserve.

Lastly, its not just enough to open up space, there needs to be dedication to make sure that these spaces are appropriate for all our children no matter what their needs are. This means providing extra resource teachers for non-verbal children and all children with exceptionalities, and having the resources and tools in creating lessons and activities to meet their level of development. 

Overall, there needs to be a plan put into action to provide free universal childcare across Canada. Between expenses, space, resources and other economic factors, the most important thing is to come up with a way to provide only the best and high-quality care for the children in our programs.