Stop the commercial Seal Slaughter

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Every year, the Canadian government allows the sealers to shoot and bludgeon tens of thousands of seals to death. Sometimes, it takes more than one blow to the head for a seal to die. And often, they're left to die slowly and painfully on the ice. This cruelty continues, even though all major markets have banned seal-fur imports, including the U.S., the E.U., and Russia. 

The whole process is inhumane and simply cruel.Harp seals are the primary target of the commercial seal hunt, and to a much smaller extent, hooded seals are also killed.97 percent of the harp seals killed are pups under just three months of age most of them haven't even eaten their first meal or taken their first swim .As sealers shoot them from boats, the bullets often don’t penetrate their brains but only wound them. Sealers climb out of the boats and traverse the ice to kill the animals, typically by crushing their skulls. Some sealers don’t even bother to do that, instead impaling them in the eye or cheek with a metal hakapik, a hooked club, and dragging them on board. Footage has shown seals who are still conscious and moving after being hauled onto the vessels. Some seals are even skinned alive.

The most sad thing about this slaughter is that the The Canadian government spends an estimated C$7 million in taxpayer money every year to keep the seal slaughter going while amassing a stockpile of unsold seal pelts.The slaughter is not only promoted but also subsidized by the government.

Sign this petition to end the seal slaughter.The sealing industry's request for new sealing licenses must be denied. It is our responsibility to protect marine life and uphold the Precautionary Principle. Harp seals are profoundly affected by climate change. They should receive special protection and  not be subjected to commercial slaughter. Harbor seals and sea lions are not overpopulated and must be protected from attack by fishermen.It"s the high time to end this slaughter for once and all