Stop the authoritarian decision made by the federal government to punish legal gun owners!

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A list of 1,500 guns will be banned in response to the Nova Scotia shooting. Similar bans have occurred in the past, yet gun violence is still rampant, if not more rampant than ever. A buy back program will be conducted by the federal government. Tax payer money will be spent, buying back legally acquired firearms, at a price much lower than what they are worth! This will not lower gun violence. I firmly believe these gun laws are being passed to appease the misinformed general public. 

As a Canadian, we have one of the worlds most extensive gun policies. I had to do a weekend course, pass a written, as well as practical test and then send an application to the RCMP. I had to have 2 references vouch for my character. If I was married, my spouse would have to vouch for my character as well. After 6 months of waiting for my application to process, I bought my first firearm for $1,000. I spent numerous days at the range. I spent thousands of dollars more on ammunition and range fees. I made a lot of great friends and have realized that legal Canadian gun owners are kind Canadian people, with a bad stigma on their character, placed by the ignorant public. You would expect these law abiding, legal Canadian gun owners to have good character traits with the amount of background checks they go through. The RCMP does daily background checks on these legal gun owners, and has a database of all the guns they own, along with where they are located. 

An estimated 150,000-250,000 firearms will be confiscated due to this gun ban, costing us taxpayers a minimum of $50 million. That money can be better spent on border protection, as the majority of gun crimes committed in Canada are by illegal firearms that are smuggled to Canada from USA.

The dentist that massacred 22 people in Nova Scotia, Gabriel Wortman, didn't have a firearm licence. His guns were illegally acquired. Your taxpayer money shouldn't be spent buying back legal guns. It should be spent on more random border checks, K9 units and harsher punishment towards gun traffickers.

There was no democratic process that took place when the 1,500 guns were banned. Justin Trudeau and the federal government took it upon themselves to ban these guns in an authoritarian manner, to appease the public. Similar gun bans have occurred in the past, yet there is no correlation of public safety and gun bans. If any study proves that, I am more than willing to stop this petition and admit the gun bans are reasonable.

The only impact these gun bans have is the grief it has caused the Canadian gun community. Many of these guns are banned for looking like "military" style assault weapon. Rifles in Canada are restricted to only hold 5 rounds and be semi automatic. It is unjust to take away possessions of law abiding citizens. They spend thousands of dollars and countless of hours on their guns. Some use it for hunting while other use it for target sports. This gun ban needs to be overturned immediately! It is a waste of taxpayer money, government resources and has absolutely no impact on public safety. I personally made plans of buying an ATRS Modern Hunter rifle for hunting purposes, but can no longer do so, simply because it looks like an AR-15.