Stop poaching animals for their ivory.

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Animals such as Elephants, Rhinoceros', Hippopotamus', Walrus', and Narwhals are frequently killed by illegal poachers for their ivory. Ivory is used for the manufacture of different products such as piano keys, electrical appliances, jewelry and other decorative small objects. Many different countries such as Africa and China poach and sell ivory for these purposes. 

Every year poachers kill at least 20,000 elephants in Africa, and up to 80% of herds are gone. There remains to be as low as 40,000 - 50,000 elephants left in the wild. African elephant habitats have decreased by over 50%, and Asian elephants are now restricted to only 15% of their original habitat. The reason elephants are being put in danger is because of human industrialization and economic greed. 

Our goal is to spread awareness on this unpleasant issue. Elephants and other animals being killed for their ivory must be saved because they play a vital role in their ecosystems, as well as contributing to economic growth with tourism. We want to create a movement, and travel to Africa and the UN to give our opinion on this problem and influence powerful authority figures to take action. Please sign our petition towards stopping the ivory trade. 

Thank you,

Harper and Udanya.