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Government Support for NW Ontario Tourism #savesunsetcountrytourism Before It's Too Late

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Sunset Country is the heart of Northwest Ontario and tourism is the backbone of this economy. Tourism has also been one of the hardest hit industries during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are now more than halfway through our season and because 99% of our customers come from the United States, our camps are still empty leaving us with no income. We stand to lose our entire annual income because our  businesses are seasonal. Under normal circumstances, tourism in Northern Ontario generates half a billion dollars in tax revenue each year and contributes $450 million dollars to Ontario’s gross domestic product (GDP). 90% of the economic benefits of tourism in Northern Ontario stay within the region. All of this has come to a screeching halt with the pandemic and border closure and we have yet to see any meaningful support from our government.

If you want to see the tourism industry in Sunset Country survive, please show your support. If tourist resorts do not make it through to 2021, this means your favorite gas station, bait shop, gift shop or restaurant are in jeopardy of permanent closure as well. Not to mention the many suppliers (hardware stores, lumber yards, maintenance shops, gas companies, furniture stores, etc) where tourist operators spend their money. Join our fight as we continue to seek meaningful support and better communication from our government. The tourism industry in Northern Ontario has been forgotten and desperately needs help. Sign the petition to #savesunsetcountrytourism.