Julian Assange to head International Inquiry in the origins of / responses to, Coronavirus

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While the world is in uproar over the brutal murder of George Floyd, Australian Journalist, Julian Assange, languishes in the UK's Belmarsh Prison.
Awaiting extradition proceedings, to be held in an unknown location, perhaps those who remain mute to his plight think Guantanamo Bay would be suitable.
Mainstream media are calling out police brutality while the US Government use tear gas and brutalisation as a way to ensure good photo opportunities of President Trump holding a bible.

That same media, demanding their right to report the truth, remain mute to the unfolding tragedy of their fellow journalist, Julian Assange.

Australian Foreign Minister, Marice Payne, in support of the international community recently called on the World Health Assembly for an "an independent and impartial and comprehensive evaluation of what has happened in the context of COVID-19"

In order to ensure a truly independent inquiry into the origin of the Coronavirus and the handling of responses to this global pandemic it is imperative it be headed by a truly independent individual with experience seeking out the truth.

Julian Assange has, extensive experience on an international level at getting to the truth, he is an internationally recognised  investigative journalist, credited with being instrumental in exposing criminal acts and rampant corruption throughout the world.
The signatories of this petition call on Julian Assange to be appointed head of an Independent International Inquiry into the Origin of, and Responses to the Coronavirus by World Governments.
We call on the UK Government to immediately and unconditionally release Julian Assange from Belmarsh Prison and to ensure his safe passage to his homeland, Australia.
We call on the Government of the United States of America to cease the politically motivated extradition request and to provide the necessary support Mr Assange may require to carry out such an inquiry.
We call on the World Health Organisation, The United Nations and the Governments of all the worlds nations to openly and honestly support Julian Assange and other members of this inquiry, to provide access to information required along with funds and resources required to effectively carry out an inquiry of a global scale.
We call on world governments to submit nominations for members of the team carrying out the inquiry and for Julian Assange to be given ultimate choice in the selection of team members and manner in which the inquiry should proceed.