12 December 2019
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Started by Veronika Didusenko


I’m a single mum to a wonderful son, five year old Alex. I love being a mother and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’ve worked hard all my life - I studied Mathematics at University and set up my own charity which aims to help orphaned children to excel in math and natural sciences. 

I’m also a fashion model, and last year I was asked to apply for Miss Ukraine. I applied and won the title of Miss Ukraine. I was excited that I’d represent my country in the Miss World competition. This was a brilliant opportunity to raise funds for my charity and enhance my profile as a fashion model.

But only 4 days later Miss World Ukraine contacted me and said they had revoked my title. The reason? Because I am a mother and divorced.

I was so shocked by the clearly discriminatory rules of the London-based Miss World Organisation which ban women who have ever been married and or given birth to a child from competing. What is it about being a divorced mother that makes me unfit to be Miss World? 

Later I found out that the US-based Miss Universe also has such rules:

“Contestants may not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, not had a marriage annulled nor given birth to, or parented a child. The titleholders are also required to remain unmarried throughout their reign.”

I decided that I will challenge this injustice. Not just for me, but for women all over the world.

That’s why I’m calling for Miss World and Miss Universe, the world's two most prestigious international pageants, to stop discriminating mothers, and let them compete. 

It was really humiliating when I was disqualified. I was very upset. I had to hand back the title, the crown and prize money. But the worst thing about it was the message that this sends.

Miss World thinks mothers and divorced women can’t be role models. Please help me prove them wrong by backing my campaign and the #RightToBeAMother.

It’s time Miss World and Miss Universe move with the times. The competitions should reflect women's reality today. Across the world, women are perfectly balancing between their careers and their personal lives and we should be celebrated, not punished, for this.

These unfair rules are Miss World’s and Miss Universe’s international policy, that results in discrimination on large scale across many countries. I have already taken legal action against Miss World for this discriminatory practice. And I need to show them just how many people back my call.

I don’t want my crown back. I’m doing this for future generations - I want to get the rules changed so that there’s more equality for women, mothers and society at large.

We all have the power to challenge rules that are wrong, outdated, or discriminatory. And I am convinced that we are all doing the right thing for we are changing how women are treated for generations to come.

Please sign my petition - I am so grateful for every single voice of support to #RightToBeAMother campaign.

Veronika Didusenko | Miss Ukraine 2018 | Activist | Mother


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Signatures: 23,392Next Goal: 25,000
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