Demand State Renewable Energy Goals for Florida - Support HB97/SB256

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As Floridians, our state bears the most noticeable effects of the climate crisis. From increases in extreme heat, sea level rise, extreme weather events, and rising emissions due to energy systems within cities, the future of Florida as we know it is at risk. We are writing to you to call for climate action across Florida. Now is the time to demand environmental policy in response to the climate crisis. Electricity production is our #1 source of greenhouse gases, more than all of our driving and flying combined. Clean energy reduces harmful smog, toxic buildups in our air and water, and the impacts caused by coal mining and gas extraction. In order to make clean energy a reality, Floridians must demand for clean and renewable energy.

Sign this petition to push the Sunshine State forward as a nationwide leader in clean, renewable energy - Support House Bill 97/ Senate Bill 256.

Legislation, HB 97/SB256 filed for a second time by Representative Anna V. Eskamani and Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez calls for 40 percent renewable energy by 2030 on the part of state agencies, universities and state colleges. The plan to achieve this must be developed by the Office of Energy, housed in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, within two years and submitted to lawmakers. This bill also requires that all electricity used in the state must be generated by renewable energy by 2050.

Sign this petition to demand Florida State Representatives and State Senators to co-sponsor House Bill 97/Senate Bill 256, and ask that they help support its passage through Florida legislature, and onto the Governor’s Desk. 

*This petition was ignited by the Global Climate Strike movement, urging Floridians to take part in pressuring law makers to engage in climate action.