Stop pharmaceutical corruption in the United States

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There is no doubt that pharmaceutical corruption is rampant in our society, and is affecting each and every one of us. Many people who depend on certain drugs are forced to pay way too much for them, or aren't taking their prescriptions as prescribed because of their high cost. Take for example, John Kramarz, a man with a daughter that has Type I diabetes and depends on insulin. He found that the price of insulin in Canada was much lower than the price of insulin in the US. This is due to a lack of government regulation in the pharmaceutical process and the high amount of corruption inside the industry. Another part of the corruption going on in these companies is the high salaries that are being paid to the executives of these companies. Take for example, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, owner of the EpiPen. At the same time as they rose their price 500%, they were paying their CEO, Heather Bresch, $18.9 million. Another example is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, who awarded their CEO a $47.5 million compensation package as well as a 13% salary increase. Remember that 70% of all Americans take prescription drugs. This means that almost all of us are affected or know of someone who is affected by the corruption in the pharma industry. Let's all come together and stop the pharmaceutical industry from taking advantage of the American people, and prevent them from destroying our nation any more.

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