Compassionate Release for Lawrence McCarroll Serving 33 Years on Federal Drug Charges

Compassionate Release for Lawrence McCarroll Serving 33 Years on Federal Drug Charges

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Started by Jodi Rose

Lawrence McCarroll has been imprisoned for over 26 years on non-violent drug charges. He currently faces 5 more years of his total sentence of 33 years if he does not receive clemency from President Biden. 

In 1995 twenty-one years old Lawrence was a young man who made some poor choices, those choices have cost him over 23 years of his life.  Lawrence was charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, and money laundering.  He knows what he did was wrong, but never dreamed it would cost him so many years of his life.  

Lawrence spends a lot of his time in prison trying to learn new things, he has completed several programs earning certificates in small business, parenting, anger management, consumer credit, health and nutrition, advance typing, entrepreneurship, and certification in electrician.  Lawrence is active in church and enjoys learning the Bible. 

According to Lawrence (2018): After being in prison for over 23 years, I have had so much time to think about the choices I made.  I want to say first off I am sorry for hurting my mother, my family, and my loved ones.  I have been in prison since January 1995, sentenced to 396 months (33 years) for drug crimes and money laundering.  I was only 21 years old at the time of arrest.  A young man misinformed, uneducated, and spiritually broken I regret so much.  However being in federal prison for so long and having time to reflect on the young man I was then to the man I am now, I have changed.  I have used the past 23 years to make necessary corrections to my life.  To be the God fearing man my mother raised me to be.  I have dreamed many times about the day I can come home from a hard days work and be greeted by my wife and kids.  Be the husband and dad I was intended to be.  I also pray for an early release so I can stand by my mothers side as her only son and support her while she is battling cancer.

I long for the day I can be a vessel that helps others, I pray I can reach young men and teach them the things not to do so they won't end up making poor choices as I did.  I am asking for another chance at life, to show the difference in the man I am now from the boy I was 23 years ago. 

As the Bible says there is a time for everything, I pray my time to re-enter society will be soon.  I am asking President Biden to give me a chance to contribute to not only my family but to society. 

To read more about Lawrence go to CAN-DO Foundation



2,929 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!