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Stop house for released prisoners next to childrens care house in Churchill, QLD

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A property in Princess Street, Churchill has applied to be developed into a boarding house for 8 men just released from prison to be rehabilitated back into society. This house is situated in a quiet street that sees only local traffic, making it an unusual and suspicious place to be located due to low surveillance that is usually required. Our community is full of familes with children of all ages and older residents trying to enjoy their resting years in peace. We have two young children under 3 and the proposed house has bedrooms that look directly over our backyard and swimming pool, how can we safely allow our children to use our own property knowing these men could be watching them. The house is also situated 500 meters from a primary school and childcare center. There is no way of knowing what these men have done to be incarcerated, we would never know if it was for something like sexual assult or not. To make matters worse the property connects to a house run by Mercy family services that houses 4 boys under 12 that have been removed from unfit parents for a number of reasons some including domestic violence. These boys are unstable and volitile and having 8 criminals next door will be a nightmare for both the boys and the community. Those living around the Mercy house have suffered enough just from the aggressive disruptions from the boys, we can not continue to co-exist with a prisoner boarding house as well. We have approached council and it seems as though our pleas have fell on deaf ears. We need support to stop this house and keep our community and our children safe. The house was propsed without any community knowledge of what it was to be used for, the community found out by accident and are know expected to keep quiet. These houses could appear in your area and you would never know it was happening until it is too late. We want to keep our community a safe and peaceful place. If the house goes ahead many will either be forced to sell and leave, losing all that they have worked so hard to obtain, or stay and live in fear of what these men may do. We ask for anyone who believes in our cause to support us and show the Ipswich city council we wont be silenced and the people of Churchill have the right to feel safe in their own home.

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