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We Demand Police investigation, and the immediate prosecution of all MP's found to be committing expense fraud regardless of party or house.

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  1. The People of this country are sick of watching MP's avoid prosecution, when a person off the street would be jailed.
  2. MP's make the rules, they should be bound by the rules like everyone else.
  3. Parliament is elected by the people for everyone, not to exempt a select few.

Over many years we have watched MP's defraud, steal and get away with slaps on the wrist just because they are MP's, and "the need to avoid a scandal";   The process of self governance on fraud has failed entirely, and the stench of it has become to much. 

The time has come to completely start again, and end the culture of self interest that MPs of all parties and houses are used to.  There needs to be a drastic change in policy to prevent further incedences of fraud being covered over by MPs.  As soon as the I.P.S.A suspect an MP is obtaining money by irregular methods, the Police should automatically be brought in to investigate and it should be up to them and following that The Crown Prosecution Service to decide if prosecution is needed no one else.  It is time to bring them inline with everyone else, and make them as  vulnerable to prosecution as the rest of us.  And if they are found guilty they should jailed and never be allowed to hold public office again, and no party should be allowed to take them on in any "Advisory or Consultative" postions.



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