2018 Olympics: fair play for Russian athletes

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The current regulation of the participation of Russian athletes in the Winter Olympics in South Korea contradicts, in the eyes of any neutral observer or sports enthusiast, the principles of fair play in sports and, seemingly, giving way to arbitrariness and geopolitically motivated action on the part of the IOC!

Exemplary for many here is the Russian six times short track Olympic champion Victor An, who was excluded from the 2018 Winter Olympics in his country of birth, South Korea, without any charges, let alone proof of doping by the IOC. A similar blanket prejudice and obstruction of athletes from any other nation around the world is unparalleled in the history of the Olympic Games.

According to common legal practice in any constitutional democracy, we demand:

  • No collective punishment for athletes of a certain nationality
  • No hasty punishment before proof and conviction
  • Transparency and equality of eligibility criteria of athletes from all national teams
  • Transparency, equality and fair balance for all national teams with regard to doping tests
  • Full and accurate information on doping charges regardless of nationality
  • Admission of negatively tested Russian athletes under the Russian flag

In order not to jeopardize the Olympic spirit through prejudice and politicization against Russia, we call for an immediate review and revision of the IOC's decision against Russian athletes. Due to the bias of the IOC with regard to its own decisions, we call for urgent review of the matter by the European Court of Human Rights, to which Russia is also subject.

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