Increase Criminal Charges for George Floyd's Torturer to Murder 1 or Murder 2

Increase Criminal Charges for George Floyd's Torturer to Murder 1 or Murder 2

May 30, 2020
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Started by Alessandro Machi

All of our updated Petition links are available directly below, most recent first. Every update is the result of extensive research and hopefully those who care about a possible Murder-1 charge will read the updates.

How can this not be Murder-1?

Trauma among those who witnessed Mr. Floyd's Torture elevates Mr. Floyd's death to Murder-1.

I need your help, please share this petition.

Lack of Meditation equals Pre-Meditation.

It's not just this petition that thinks Murder-1 charges are in order for George Floyd's torturer.

Apparently my last three updates were never received by Petition followers.

Minnesota Attorney General Raises Charge to Murder-2 for George Floyd's torturer, still not enough.

Conflicting Autopsies may be used to confuse jurors.

Floyd Family wants Murder-1, just like our Petition.

The case for a Murder-1 charge against George Floyd's Torturer.

End of List of Petition Updates.

This petition advocates increasing the lesser charges of Murder 3 or Manslaughter charges for George Floyd's Torturer to Murder 1 or Murder 2 for the following reasons... 

  • The amount of control the police officer had over the situation makes this a case for Murder 1. If someone in the crowd who heard Mr. Floyd's plea that he couldn't breath had then tried to intercede, they would have been arrested and Mr. Floyd dies anyways and the blame might even have shifted to the person trying to save Mr. Floyd's life. Excuses could then have been made that the crowd was being unruly and Mr. Floyd had to be super restrained and their proof would be the crowd attacking them.
  • If someone had interceded to save Mr. Floyd's in a timely manner, the interceder would have been aggressively charged since there would no longer be real proof that Mr. Floyd's life was in danger because he does not die. The only way to save Mr. Floyd's life was for someone else to end up being convicted of charges ranging from violating rule of law to assault to endangering a police offer to obstruction of justice. The interceder could have ended up in jail for a decade or longer.
  • At one point a police officer is heard responding to Mr.  Floyd, "If you can't breathe, then how are you talking"? This again shows the lack of life saving options. If Mr. Floyd says he can't breathe, he is mocked because how can he speak if he can't breathe? If Mr. Floyd says nothing, he dies anyways.
  • The Police officer appears to make no attempt to negotiate with Mr. Floyd in exchange for removing his knee from Mr. Floyd's neck. 
  • What was the Police officer waiting for for over nine minutes?
  • What Peril was the Police Officer in that he had to remain on Mr. Floyd's neck for 9 minutes?
  • The crowd repeatedly warned the Police Officer that Mr. Floyd could not breathe. The crowd remained compliant by not charging the Police Officers to save Mr. Floyd's life. Some who personally witnessed Mr. Floyd's death and helplessly watched a man die by those sworn to protect the public peace may suffer PTSD over their inability to save a man who was slow motion tortured to death in front of their eyes. 
  • Without a Murder 1 or Murder 2 charge, Police Officers all over the country may be in danger anytime a suspect being arrested calls out they can't breathe since witnesses will assume the police officer does not believe they will have to serve serious jail time. 
  • Lack of a Murder 1 or Murder 2 charge could endanger many more people in the future, both police officers trying to make future arrests and citizens who do not want to stand around the next time if they are led to believe, either falsefully or truthfully, that a suspect's life is in danger.
  • Murder 1, Murder 2, is all that should be offered specifically because of all the reasons set forth above. Do not handcuff a jury into lighter conviction choices as it would be showing far more mercy than George Floyd and his 18 prior citizen complaints deserve.
  • If charges against George Floyd's torturer remain at Murder 3 or Manslaughter, then his 3 enforcers will get even lower charges even though they were the only reason that prevented citizens from coming forward to save George Floyd's life. (please note Murder-2 was charged AFTER this petition started, Murder-1 still has to be an option).

Apparently the police officer who allegedly caused George Floyd's death had 18 prior complaints. Most police officers who have viewed the video, if not all, are horrified by what they see. Why should the suspect get a break on the charges when he has already gotten 18 previous breaks, especially if it could cause more unrest in the future? (which it obvioiusly has)

The suspect has more than used up his get out of jail free card with his prior 18 complaints. Now, we need to be thinking about the future and what a less than Murder 1 or Murder 2 charge may bring.


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Signatures: 2,839Next Goal: 5,000
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