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Idaho State Legislature: Protect the Idaho Humane Society's Veterinary Practice


Local and Private Veterinarians in Idaho, led by Dr. Richard Shackelford, Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital, are attempting to restrict the practices of the Idaho Humane Society's Veterinary Clinic to "basic veterinary services" which would only include spays, neuters, vaccinations, and microchipping.

Restricting the practices of the Idaho Humane Society's Veterinary Clinic would leave countless animals without the medical care that they need from strays to pet's owned by low-income families. The Idaho Humane Society's Veterinary Clinic provides sliding scale fees for pet owners who are low-income and cannot otherwise afford to care for their pet's medical needs. Clientele who pay full price for veterinary services are there for the exemplary care of the vets staffed there and the knowledge that their money goes on to help a good cause; The Idaho Humane Society.

What Dr. Richard Shackelford is proposing would be the intervention of the Idaho State Lawmakers to force pet owners to utilize the Veterinary Clinics that they see fit.

Tell Dr. Richard Shackelford that Idaho citizens want a choice in their pet's medical care. Tell Idaho State Lawmakers that Idaho citizens have a right to choose who cares for their pets.

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